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This is the character sheet I made in high school. (Hey, I got an A + )
Bernard Marx- Member of the psychology Bureau of the Central London Hatchery. He feels differently than other members of civilization which is rumored to be caused by an accidental dosage of alcohol into his blood surrogate while he was still in the tube..
Lenina Crowne- One of the most popular members of civilization. She is very attractive, and tends to date one person at a time rather that "everybody belongs to everybody". She develops an infatuation for John.
Henry Foster- One of the most studious of the civilized. He has all of the facts and statistics of conditioning and hatchery memorized. He has relations with Lenina.

Helmholtz Watson-

An Emotional Engineer of the civilization. He is very handsome and strong, and thus has lots of women. Throughout the story, he feels as though he has the power to say something important, and yet he doesn't know what to say.

Mustapha Mond

The resident controller for Western Europe. He knows all the history of civilization. He is somewhat good-natured, , and has had to go though a situation similar to Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson.
John (the savage)-

John was born in the savage reservations. His mother is Linda and his father is Thomas, the director of hatchery and conditioning. He does not adjust well to civilization, and is strong in religious beliefs.


Was left behind to live on the savage reservation when she accidentally got pregnant. She is disliked by civilization because of her old aged body-, which is something the civilization has never been exposed to.
D.H.C.- Director of Hatchery and Conditioning who gloats on his position. He is reassigned when it is found that he is a father.
Pope Linda's lover in the savage reservation.
Fanny Crowne- Lenina's friend that reminds her of the standards and rules of society.