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These are the chapter summaries that I wrote in high school. If you are reading this, you must be desperate. The book is much more interesting than my mundane chapter summaries. (I suggest that you stay home from that game of bingo tonight and read the book)


The reader is given a tour of the "Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre". It is basically a hatchery for human beings. They produce humans, and shape them the way that they want them to be. It seems like no one has any feelings other than wanting to control the humans they bring into the world.
In this chapter, Mr. Foster shows the D.H.C., and his students, how they train the Deltas to hate flowers and reading through means of electrical shock and explosions. They visit the Beta's room where they are undergoing elementary class-consciousness. They are consciously repeating to themselves how glad they are to be Betas, and how Gammas and Bettas are unfit and gross.
Children are encouraged to play erotic games at a very young age during recess. There is no morality in this world. People who aren't sexually active are considered outcasts. People are encouraged to date more than one person at a time. Lenina is a typical civilized girl in this society. She is considering dating Bernard who is an outcast of the society. Bernard doesn't like it when the boys talk about Lenina as though she was meat, and he doesn't enjoy taking soma like everyone else.

Lenina and Bernard plan on going to New Mexico to the savage reservations. We are introduced to Helmholtz who is a genius writer who is adored by the women. He has been feeling kind of weird lately, as though there is something to be said, with a power that he has within him, but he doesn't know what is so important to be said.

Lenina and Henry go to a music club, and afterwards retreat to Henry's apartment. Bernard attends a religious ceremony in honor of Ford. Ford seems to be the fake entity that the civiliaztion looks up to. Bernard heras synthetic music controlled by the President, while the eleven others hear Ford's footsteps and feel his presence. All throughout the ceremony, Morgan's unibrow haunts Bernard as he concentrates and tries to experience what the others experience. He pretends to fell the great Ford as the others do, and yet feels even more secluded from the civilization.
Lenina and Bernard go on a "date". Lenina wants to go some place social, but Bernard insists on being alone. They fly to a secluded area underneath the stars and moon, with the water beneath them. The scenery frightens Lenina, so they left. They talk in differences throughout the rest of the "date".

The Director Thomas approves Bernard's vacation to the New Mexico Reservations. The Director tells Bernard of an occurance that happened to him when he went to the reservations years ago. The girl that the Director took with him disappeared. A search party was organized to find her, but no trace was found. The director realized that he was telling Bernard something personal, and made up for it by lecturing Bernard on his odd behavior.

Lenina and Bernard take the flight to New Mexico. They stay the first night in a lavish hotel, and Bernard enjoys reminding Lenina that where they are destined is not so comfortable as the luxury hotel. The warden of the reservation gives them a lecture on what they are to expect at the reservations, and gives them a little history behind the reservations. They take a plane to the reservations.