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These are the chapter summaries that I wrote in high school. If you are reading this, you must be desperate. The book is much more interesting than my mundane chapter summaries. (I suggest that you stay home from that game of bingo tonight and read the book)


Lenina and Bernard see the savage people. Lenina feels sick when she looks at an old man. She is horrified to realize that her soma is not with her. They attend a religous ceremony. The drums soothe Lenina's mind, which reminds her of a Ford's day celebration. When the people started singing, and dancing, she was appalled. During their ceremony, a boy was whipped to death as an offering to Jesus and Pookoong. Lenina could not take it, and began sobbing. After the ceremony, they meet John, who wishes he were able to be the offering. John's mother was from the civilization. When his mother, Linda, meets Lenina she is ecstatic.It turns out that Lenina was the women that the director had left behind, and John was the director's son. Lenina is devastated to see a Beta in this condition. Linda's body is out of shape, and she wore rag clothes. She was dirty and she smelled bad.
Bernard and John talk; John shares his experiences in growing up in the reservation. When he was growing up, everyone secluded him because he was not Indian like the other savages. He hated any man that his mother came in contact with. He remembers walking in on his mother being whipped by the village women, and he could do nothing to protect her. His mother beat him because she couldn't stand the fact that she bore a child. Linda would always tell him of the civilization, , where everything was happy. She taught John to read. After Bernard and John's long talk, Bernard invites John to come back to London with him. John read a lot of Shakespeare when he was young, and it was a major way of sorting out his thoughts and communicating what he felt in life by comparing it with Shakespeare's works.
Bernard Marx makes arrangements with Mustapha Mond to bring John and Linda back to London with them for the benefit of scientific interest. John goes to meet Bernard. He breaks into the hotel where they were staying to see Lenina on soma holiday. He recites Shakespeare while caressing her face and hair to express the emotions that he feels for her. Bernard comes back and they get ready to leave.

Bernard returns with the two savages and meets up with the director in the middle of one of his lectures. The director condemns Bernard to Iceland for his "uncivilized" behavior in front of the crowd that he is lecturing. When asked to show any reason why he should not be executed, Bernard brings in Linda and John. Linda's ecstatic outbursts of seeing the director humiliate his character. When John called the director Father, the students where beaming with laughter. Embarrassed, the director left the room.

The director was reassigned, and John and Linda were kept for special studies. Nobody really bothered with Linda due to her bad teeth and unyouthful appearance. She returned to using soma, and took holiday after holiday. The director had planned the quickness of her death by using soma dosages to decay her body away. Bernard becomes a popular figure for his connection to the savage. He was finally treated like an alpha plus, and not like an outcast. Helmholtz and Bernard get into a disagreement due to how Bernard's attitude is changing. Bernard's job was to show the savage all aspects of the civilized life. He also made reports to Mustapha Mond on what he had found out about the savage's reaction and behavior. Lenina took Bernard with her to one of the "Feelies". They watch a movie which allows the viewers to feel what is going on through electric impulses. Lenina was hoping that John might have her after the "feelie" was over. John relucted to have Lenina due to his morals. This upset Lenina and she began a lust for John.

John refuses to come out of his room to Bernard's savage-featured party. The guests are apalled and treat Bernard the same way that they did before his savage popularity started up. His guests were talking bad about him to his face.

Bernard and Helmholtz become friends again. The savage and Hemholtz get along rather well, which makes Bernard jealous. Helmholtz shares his rhymes with John, and John shares his Shakespeare with Helmholtz.