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hese are the chapter summaries that I wrote in high school. If you are reading this, you must be desperate. The book is much more interesting than my mundane chapter summaries. (I suggest that you stay home from that game of bingo tonight and read the book)


Lenina was feeling down and depressed because she couldn't have John. After talking with Fanny in the changing room, she decided to show up at his place and make him have her. He feels that he is in love with her when she approaches him. He begins to recite Shakespeare to her, and asks her for her hand in marriage. Lenina is of course shocked because she has been conditioned to think of marriage and love as repulsive acts. She tries to get John to sleep with her as a reaction. This angers John because he has just professed his deepest passions and morals, and Lenina tried to lay herself upon him. Lenina'a actions must have reminded John of what he hated about his mother, causing John to snap. John tried to force Lenina off of him, but she still tried to lure him on. He began to hit her because she wouldn't stop. She went into the bathroom to save herself when John got a phone call from someone saying that his mother was dyeing.
John went to visit his mother. The nurse found it odd that patients would have visitors. When the twin children were staring at Linda with curiosity, John shoved them away in rage. His mother died, and John's reaction to her death was odd to the head nurse and the children.
John followed what he believed was his mother's body after she died. He was confused about the numerous amounts of Deltas at the scene, which made it hard for him to see where they were taking Linda's body. A man called the attention of the crowd to distribute soma tablets. John stood on the platform with the man who was distributing the soma tablets, and began to throw the tablets away. He told the crowd the soma was poisoning their minds and souls. Helmholtz and Bernard arrive on the scene after a phone call of John's whereabouts and actions. Helmholtz joins John in his speech movements. Bernard, after debating what the right thing to do was, stays in the crowd and tells the police to help him stop the riot. The police show up and take the men away.

Bernard, John, and Helmholtz were taken to the controller's study. Mustapha Mond talks with the three of them about society, civilization, books, etc. He tells them of when he was in their position and he chose Controlership over tampering with Science. A decision is made to send Helmholtz and Bernard to one of the many islands for those who break away from civilization and become individuals. John wishes to go with them, but Mustapha Mond will not allow it because they need to conduct studies on him.

John and the controller keep up their conversation about books, religion, and science. The controller believed that in order to reach total happiness, civilization should not worry about God. The savage disagreed and stated that total happiness is freedom from individuality, the ability to be sad and fear God, and the tortures of sin.

John decides to leave the civilization also. The savage fled to a remote lighthouse. He begged for forgiveness from his gods. He made himself suffer many injustices for the sake of being purified. He bought enough materials to sustain himself for almost a year. He started up a garden and enjoyed a secluded life tainted with self-affliction. One day, some Delta-Minus workers drove by and witnessed John whipping himself as a self-punishment for being impure. They word spread around civilization and the next day reporters came to talk with John. They asked questions about the whip, and what he thought about civilization. He answered in Native Indian tongue, and then kicked the reporter in his coccyx.

Meanwhile, Darwin Bonaparte had hid out in the woods to get exclusive coverage on the savage. He managed to catch an outrageous moment in which John was repeatedly whipping and tormenting himself for thinking of Lenina. Bonaparte recorded all of the material on video and released it in the First Class Feelie Palaces in Western Europe. John was a craze after the movie was viewed. On the afternoon after the evening of the release, John was interrupted by masses of people. The crowd laughed at him and took pictures of him. The crowd wanted John to whip himself. They yelled "WHIP! WHIP! WHIP!". John took the whip and advanced towards the crowd. They asked John to "do the whipping stunt" Lenina arrived shortly after the clatter with Henry. Furiously, the savage went after Lenina and slashed at her with his whip. The audience responded by striking one another. They were singing, dancing, and hitting each other. John found himself joining the mad crowd in dancing, hitting, and usual "orgy-porgy" activities. The next day he committed suicide as a reaction to remembering what activities he joined in.