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This is what I call the "clean" version of a Huxley bio I wrote in high school. I'll have you know, there is a lot of important details left out of this bio. You'll definately want to check out the links I have provided, to fill yourself in on the missing detals.
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Aldous Huxley was born in Surray, England on the date of July 26, 1894. He belonged to a distinguished British family, which included T.H. Huxley, an eminent scientist and humanist; and Julian Huxley, a philosopher of science.

Aldous Huxley went to Balliol College, Oxford. He wished to become a doctor, but an eye infection blinded him, and prevented him to endure his studies. He did exercises for his eyes, and with self-discipline eventually recovered from most of his infection and could somewhat see. Huxley resumed his studies at Oxford, and accomplished a degree in 1916.

Huxley tried out journalism, which gave him much stress. In 1921, he began to travel down the road of creative writing, and he began expressing himself through poetry and short stories. There after, he began writing essays and novels. His works are said to "exhibit an interest in mysticism". He received the Award of Merit for the Novel from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in the year 1959.

Huxley married Maria Nys in 1919, and they had a child named Matthew. Maria died in 1956, and Huxley married Laura Axchera. Huxley died November 22, 1963 in Los Angeles, California.